Digital Advertising

Digital advertising or internet marketing includes promotional advertisements and brand exposure messages to consumers delivered through web, email, social media, online advertising through search engines, and banner ads on specialized business directories on web or mobile.

The digital age has completely changed the concept, model, and role of marketing. Years ago, marketing means were limited to trade shows, conferences, printed materials and catalogues. Today, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and plan are essential for each and every business. Internet marketing strategy gives you an ultimate way to target your market and position your business.

Before setting up your strategy, you should keep in mind “what works for one business, may not work for the other”, your digital marketing strategy should be in line with the nature of your business. In short, you should have a digital marketing blueprint.

We help in developing your digital marketing blueprint

Achieve your digital marketing blueprint goals

• Have a professional and effective web design.

• Get ranked at the major search engines.

• Practice a good search engine optimization (SEO).

• Use effective email marketing using segmented lists.

• Submit your website to specialized web directories.

• Write and publish online press releases.

• Be social, Social Media takes customer relationships to the next level.

How can we help?

INFONAV is having the capabilities to be your partner in setting up your digital marketing blueprint, we are partnering with professional and highly capable venders offering turnkey solutions for your digital marketing strategy and plan.